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Laprida House

Location: Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

Design and Project Management: María Victoria Besonías – Luciano Kruk

Land area: 470m2

Built area: 120m2

Construction year: 2009

Photos: Gui Morelli

María Victoria Besonías

The commissioned arises from a meeting about the possibility of enlarging a pre-existent house of modern stile in good order; trying to avoid the house suffers a lack of quality and original sense because of the modifications. We understood that the challenge was interesting and that our intervention could improves the present situation, as the house was too compact and small compared with the deep and generous lot where it’s implanted. The modification implied a new bedroom with bathroom and dresser, a place with a grill to lunch and be in open air and a multi-purpose room at the back of the lot. The social area of the previous house was placed in the ground floor with a sector in double high.
The proposal was to think on the enlargement as an independent volume which couldn’t commit the original work in formal or constructively way, being separate from the last one by a court yard and connected in the first floor by a narrow bridge. With this provision, we freed the ground floor allowing the original social area doesn’t loose the views to the garden and the open air activities can be done under roof.