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Córcega House

Location: Pasciallela, Corsica, France

Design and Project Management: María Victoria Besonías, Luciano Kruk

Collaborators: Arch. Leandro Pomies

Land area: 2560 m2

Built area: 234 m2

Under construction

by María Victoria Besonías

We believe that catching the signs of the place where the project is going to be built is the key at the beginning of a project. We use to visit the place several times trying to observe it without preconceptions, in order to grab hold of those important things the place has to offer. In this opportunity we can only reach this first look by the description of the clients, a young french couple who lives in Paris. Apart from that we had the information provided by the topography plan.
In this unusual way to start the project, we noted that the land was placed in a mountainside, with stony soil, forested with Olives and Enebros and from where it is seen a maritime gulf. This particularly site, with a great landscape and environment has a special characteristic, the natural slope direction (North – South) doesn’t match with the view to the gulf (to the East). Our proposal was focused on resolve this situation, so we determine a house in three independent volumes which find place in the topography, positioned in different levels and directions. In the highest volume are placed the bedrooms, in the middle it is developed the social area with the main access of the house, and with an independent access, going down for the natural slope, it is placed the study.
The three volumes have two different facades; the east and southeast one is open, with best views to the descendant slope forested with olives which end in the gulf. The West and Northwest facade is steeper in order to be protected from the sun in summer, with views to a soil which rises in terraces contained by stone walls and forested also with olives.
It is possible to go outside and enjoy the outdoor terraces from any of the three volumes that conform the house, but especially from the middle one. The terraces have been thought as slabs positioned over the stony soil which takes you to the swimming pool and to different parts of the terrain.